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Who saw him?

The tragedy has left astonished those who have recently made the shocking discovery. The news has not yet spread, but we are almost there: Michelin’s little man Bibendum, who used to ensure an air recharge to those who passed in the town seat of the factory, has mysteriously disappeared.

"Bib" saluta festante durante un rifornimento d'aria

He was providing his philanthropic service near an automatic car wash, not far from a well-known supermarket. Motorists enjoyed using it for the wheels of the cars. Those with little self-esteem used it, too: they dropped by, pushed the compressor and went away swollen up like peacocks. It was a kind of help. Apparently, the little man also served gym-fanatics short of anabolic: a blow in any orifice and immediately the body looked properly relaxed. Sometime before the fashion ended, several ladies backcombed their hair thanks to Bibendum: “Bib”, for friends.

Yet he has suddenly disappeared! Certainly the French multinational’s shareholders, whose hearts are already bleeding because of the possible disappearance of the entire plant, will not be happy. In addition to losing any appetite because of chagrin, it’s clear that now they’ll even lose sleep. We can only express solidarity to them.




One thing is to lose a job, and – let’s face it-ultimately it is a misfortune that could happen only to four hundred families: come on! But another thing is remaining orphan of Bibendum for a population of thousands of inhabitants who enjoyed it for free … a catastrophe!

Maybe someone will ask for a ransom. It makes sense: if the factory closes down, at least we will have its symbol, which was producing air that was not “hot”. What a tangible memory.

Maybe he left of his own will, ashamed by the multinational’s choices or outraged by the ingratitude of Michelin, which exploited for decades and decades thousands of workers who have guaranteed the company profits and success.

We don’t know. We have thus decided to make a global appeal: anyone who sees him around, please let us know!

A photo on Facebook on the page Bib torna a Fossano and Instagram, accompanied by the hashtag #BibLostFossano and #Michelin, will be enough. At least in Clermont-Ferrand’s Headquarters they will realize how much we care here…

We trust designers, creatives, supporters, photographers, professionals and amateurs. Not to mention those who work in the fields of information, communication and the media, any women and men of good will.

Usually I do not ask to share an article: in this case I appeal to the sensitivity and solidarity of all. Each of us has a network of friends on the social: the more this appeal will circulate, the higher the chances of success. A big thank you in advance!

Just a note: Michelin announced it would close a plant and downsize others both in Italy and elsewhere. Four hundred people risk losing their jobs and the company’s suppliers might be swept away! This apparently humorous campaign is the outcome of an agreement with some workers, and intends to highlight how important it is not to lose trust … and not to give up.

Translation of Ernesto Gallo

The image to outfit of the article is work of imagination to purely indicative title.
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